Our Mission


Our aim is to educate on the importance of inclusion in our community and create recreational, leisure, and sports activities that are adaptive and inclusive to all abilities.


A dynamic network of community based peer support and adaptive sports and recreational activities. We facilitate mentorships, groups, and hangouts by partner with schools, businesses, and organizations to create opportunities for fun healthy social engagement. 


We aim to promote understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of individual learning and physical ability directly from the perspective of individuals living with these challenges. Contact us directly to book a Keynote Speaker, schedule an Ability Awareness Day at your school or attend our next event! 


Helping to empower others promotes optimism and a “can-do” spirit. You can  contribute to your community year-round. Gaining volunteer experience or donating your extra medical equipment or supplies to our Amigos Mexico program for individuals in need in Baja, Mexico. 


How you can help!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

All donations go towards programs that educate our community on the value in diversity and importance of inclusion. 


Each By Name Conference 2019

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EBN conference is an all-day gathering of  women from the community and schools. Presenters  share their perspectives and insights on a variety of topics including womanhood and sisterhood, marriage, family, and practical and timely topics of interest and concern to women of all ages and abilities. It is a time for you to develop friendships, hear uplifting messages, gain new insights, participate in inclusive and adaptive sports, recreational, and leisure activities. Strengthen your leadership skills, learn about resources in the community, enjoy time with family and friends, and bond with other women.


Children’s Book Series Coming Soon!

1 in 20 children have some form of disability. That gives 19 children the opportunity to learn about diversity, collaboration, and inclusion each day. These stories get the conversation started! Register to sign up for updates on release dates or contact us for an in person reading with the author, Margarita Elizondo.  



To Apply

Volunteers are essential to the Rolling With Me cause and to our future as a vital not-for-profit committed to creating ability awareness and advocating inclusion in our cummunity. 

Volunteers support programs, assist with special events, serve on committees or boards, raise funds or serve to make their communities a better place to live. 

Becoming a volunteer is easy! To get started, simply send us your app with your name, contact information and the area you would like to voluinteer in. A volunteer coordinator will personally contact you to discuss opportunies.

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About us

Inclusion in San Diego

Rolling With Me is a life changing nonprofit and growing network of community-based peer support, advocacy and awareness. We promote acceptance and inclusion of people with a disability. Through empowerment conferences and guest speaking opportunities we aim to create leadership in the community, school campuses and the corporate world that will advocate our mission. These lively events celebrate all abilities, encourage inclusion, teach disability etiquette and help tear down stereotypes.

In addition to our educational programs, Rolling With Me assists individuals in need of medical supplies and equipment on both sides of the border. Our aim is to make the world a more accepting and accessible place. 

Get Involved

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Come join ROLLING WITH ME! We are always recruiting volunteers to make our vision a reality and look forward to helping you find ways to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!

We love to partner with school clubs and organizations. Together we can make a greater impact in the lives of others! 

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