”Margarita was a presenter in our General Studies 420 class: Disability and Society.  Her presentation was very sobering, but filled with hope. She is an excellent speaker.  Her presentation skills include the pace of the story, appropriately expressing the emotional component of this story, and her ability to captivate a large audience.  The impact on our students was profound.  Choices – as human beings, most of us have the opportunity to make a choice.  Margarita made a poor choice, but out of that experience, she has been able to share the meaning of her life and her passion for helping others.  We look forward to having her present in our class every semester.  Thanks.” Melinda McClure


I Am All In Pledge

#iamallin  is a pledge to be excepting and respectful of all people regardless of ability , age, background, sexual preference  or religious belief.  The purpose of this pledge is to create a community that is diverse, inclusive, and rich in culture. 

Join the pledge!

Share #iamallin on your social media and tell people how important  acceptance of people’s differences and inclusion is in order to make this world a more colorful and beautiful place to live. 


SDSU Student feedback after Founder, Margarta Elizndo, spoke on the topic of, “The Choices You Make Today Will Affect The Outcome of Every Aspect of Your Life Tomorrow “.