Volunteers of all ages help Rolling With Me expand and enhance our programs and services. Becoming a volunteer is also personally and professionally rewarding. Not only will you create a lasting impact in the lives of others, but you will acquire valuable work experience and network with many people in your community.  We will help you find the best program or activity to match your skills, talents, wishes and time availability. Individual, group and youth volunteers are welcome.

Current Opportunity Include:

• Apprenticeship Program

• Event Communities 

• Medical Supply Drive

• Peer Support Mentor

• Grant Writer

Be a part of the Rolling With Me Family! Join a Volunteer Committee for one of our upcoming events and experience what fun volunteering really is!

Volunteer Mixer:

Coming Soon!

To Apply

Becoming a volunteer is easy! To get started, simply send us your APPLICATION with your name, contact information and the area you would like to volunteer in. A volunteer coordinator will personally contact you to discuss opportunies.


Super Hero Training Center Obstacle Course

This is a great fun opportunity for kids to challenge their own abilities as well as experience what it is like to use a wheelchair through different terrains and barriers. 

Thank you to our awesome volunteers for building and running this fun awareness tool!