More About The Conference:

EBN conference is an all-day gathering of  women from the community and schools. Presenters  share their perspectives and insights on a variety of topics including womanhood and sisterhood, marriage, family, and practical and timely topics of interest and concern to women of all ages and abilities. It is a time for you to develop friendships, hear uplifting messages, gain new insights, participate in inclusive and adaptive sports, recreational, and leisure activities. Strengthen your leadership skills, learn about resources in the community, enjoy time with family and friends, and bond with other women.

We hope you join us this November 16th!


We love to partner with other organizations and speakers with a similar vision. The more we work together as a community to live out our visions, the more change we are going to see in our world. 

Partnership Opportunities:

Event Sponsor

In-Kind Donation

Non-Profit Collaboration 

The idea is to get our community working together to create a happier and more safe environment for everyone, regardless of background or abilities.  We can not do it alone! That's why Partnerships are crucial.

Contact us today and become a part of the Rolling With Me family! 

Each By Name 2020

Get Involved

Each By Name is made possible thanks to generous sponsors, volunteer, and presenters. If you would like to  make  Each By Name 2020 the biggest best women's conference yet, contact us today! It will be our 5TH YEAR hosting Each By Name and we really want to make 2020 memorable! Volunteers gain awesome experience! and Sponsors and Presenters gain great exposure by participating in Each By Name.

Ways you can help!  

✅ Be a presenter

✅ Sponsor!

✅ Volunteer!

Submit a application!

We will review your request to participate in Each By Name 2020 and some one from the board will contact you. We have lots of requests to participate and minimal space. All applications will be considered, and voted on for approval. 

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