What is peer support?
Peer support links people living with similar experiences. Mentors with a common challenge are able to share knowledge and experiences including leadership and goal setting skills. Mentors are trained, certified and are equipped with a wealth of community resources. Peer support is frequent, ongoing, accessible and flexible. Peer support can take many forms – phone calls, text messaging, group meetings, home visits, hospital visits, going for walks together, and even shopping. 

Peer support has 3 core functions:

Social & Emotional-

Social and emotional support through empathetic listening and encouragement, Mentors are an integral part of helping peers in need to cope with social or emotional barriers and to stay motivated to reach their individual goals.


Mentors offer a wealth of information and resources available online and in the community in order to stay healthy, and maintain an active and productive lifestyle. 

Become A Peer Support Mentor- 

Nothing offers a better sense of purpose than helping others achieve their goals. Our Peer Mentors are specifically selected trained and certified in leadership skills building and peer mentoring strategies. They have personal knowledge or experience in adapting to life as an individual with a physical or learning challenge, advocacy, the importance of inclusion, accessing community resources, and setting educational and career goals. 


“With peer support from Margarita, I have witnessed the power of moving beyond pain, I see passed my circumstances and I progress to heal. I am one of many who have been blessed by her presence and will to help people all over.” Makeya Simpson