Mount Miguel High School Apprenticeship

About This Program


Our recent partnership with Mount Miguel High School allows us to empower young adults with learning challenge by providing students in the Special Education Transition program the opportunity to take on a leadership roll with Rolling With Me as a Volunteer. Students engage in positions that corolllate with their own individual life goals or interests. 

Students Gain-

• Leadership Skills

 • Social Skills

• Job Training 

• Accesa Resource 

• Networking Opportunities

• abd more!

This internship is available to Mount Miguel students under the direct supervision of  the Transition teacher Kiana Kapono.

Start an Intersgip Program-

If your school woul  like to participate in a Rolling With Me apprenticeship program that can be modified for your Special Educators Transitional  Program that can be modified for your school‘s specific needs, contact us today!

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